Why do I need to be a member?

You can buy perfume or Bukhoor and it's over no..

But with your membership in Athyab , it's not over yet yes smiley

- Pendaftaran percuma


- Free Registration

 - Dapatkan mata Percuma dengan setiap pembelian yang anda buat.


 - Earn Free points with every purchase you made.

 - earn extra income with every purchase made by your invited friends.
Special offers for members only
Gifts and Prizes
Free consultation service for customers in anything related to Arabian perfumes and Bukhoor.
Spical promotion on your Bithday.
Benefit from the company's programs such as (smart profits program), (Free Samples program), (call & Arrive program) and other future programs.



How to become a member?

Its Very Easy .... wink

1- Complete one purchase.

2- Register.

3- Add the company's WhatsApp number.

4- Follow us in facebook - instagram - Tiktok.

5- Rating us on Google Maps (optional).


How do I get the free points?

Membership consists of Rounds , and one Round begins with the first purchase and ends in two ways:
1 - At the end of six months (5 purchases must be completed)
2- Five purchases (before the end of the six months)
If the Round ends, a new Round will be opened, and so on.

Every time you buy something you will get free points - every 1RM = 1Point

Example: You bought for Rm80, you will get 80 points Every five purchases is considered a full Round (must be completed within six months). After the completion of the five purchases that you have made, we will collect all the points you have obtained and convert them into ringgit according to the following :

1 - Normal Point - Buying walk-in .. Every 10 points = Rm1

2 - Offer Point - Buying walk-in... every 12 points = Rm1

3 - Normal point - online purchase .. Every 12 points = Rm1

4 - Offer point - online purchase .. Every 15 points = Rm1

Example: you walk-in and make 5 Purchase in 1 Round (6 months) and collect 650 Points .. you will get 650/10 = Rm65 ..

Note: This amount that you got, you can buy anything with it from the store, Not allowed to take it as cash


Program call  & Arrive

Because we know that sometimes you are busy with your work and you may not have time to buy your favourite perfume or Bukhoor. Then,  You can contact us and tell us the types of perfumes or Bukhoor that you like to try, or we suggest some types for you, and we bring to you at your home or workplace with all the samples .. and you try all types and buy the one you like.  

*This program is for residents in or around Kuala Lumpur only.


Free Samples Program

There are many types of perfumes and bukhoor and every time there is a new perfume and you would like to try it before you buy it. Don't worry, just contact us and we will send you a sample of perfume or Bukhoor for free

- This program is for customers who have made at least 3 purchases.

- Only three free samples can be requested per month.

- The samples are on us..and you have to pay for the postage.


Smart Profits Program

If you were offered extra income without doing any work, would you agree?

If you were offered something that your friend could benefit from, would you agree?

Just go on with your normal life and do your own business .. and make your bank account receive money .. and make your friend win free points as well .. This is why this program is called Smart Profits Program because all parties to it will win

You will earn extra income.

Your friend will earn Membership Points and get all membership penfits .

And we will win a new customer.

If you bought the perfume from our store and liked it,  you are now a simple step away from get cash profits. All you have to do is tell your friends about your experience with us If your friends make the first purchase and membership request, you will get a commission with every purchase during the first Round , and your friends will also get points with every purchase they make.

The commission percentage you will receive is as follows:

Each of your friends who registers for membership will enter a full Round (6 months - five purchases). For each purchase, you will receive the following percentages:

First purchase you will get 10% commission

Second purchase you will get 5% commission

Third purchase you will get 2.5% commission

Fourth purchase You will get 2.5% commission

Fifth purchase You will get 2.5% commission

Example One of your friends made the following purchases :

The more friends you request , the higher your earnings

Terms and Conditions:

- These commissions are calculated for the first Round only (the first five purchases only).

- your friend has not registered for membership before.

- If the Round ends (6 months) and your friend does not make 5 purchases, all your friend's points will be canceled, but you can still get your commission.



Terms and Conditions:

- Register free

- The customer must complete a full Round (6 months and at least 5 purchases).

- The Round is calculated from the beginning of the first purchase.

- Purchases in one day count as one purchase.

- upon purchase every Rm1 = 1 point.

- Determining the type of point is at the discretion of the company (Normal points and Offers points)

- When completing 5 purchases, the points are converted into ringgit.

- 10% of the final bonus amount will be deducted , which is transferred to the customer’s account in the next Round , and the customer has the right to buy anything with the remaining 90%.

- The customer is not entitled to request the amount of the reward in cash .. but he is entitled to purchase anything equal to the amount. - If the Round (6 months) ends and the customer does not complete 5 purchases, all points will canceled and the customer is not entitled to claim anything.

- If customer completes 5 purchases before the end of the Round (6 months), the Round will be closed, and the reward will be delivered to the customer, and a new Round will be opened.

- The company has the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without informing customers.